Monday, December 8, 2008

These are some pictures from our time at the concert last week:

Elizabeth and I at home by our tree

Elizabeth and baby Kirkland in front of our tree

Elizabeth and Kelly (formerly in our youth group
now at Master's College)

Kelly and I at Master's

Elizabeth and Megan (on the Outreach Week team
to our church) at Master's

Kelly posing with her set at the Christmas concert


St. Louis Mom said...

Great pics you guys! Was it me, or did I see our "baby K" smiling? : )

geoffrey kirkland said...

Yep--Smiling very big--he (generic 'he') knew he was on camera!

Anonymous said...

hey bro. tgroff. we need to catch up. what is going with the gpapa fam. i see there has been an addition.


geoffrey kirkland said...


Great to hear from you, bro. Trust all is well with you, seminary, and the family.


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