Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This is not only for preachers, but it served as a needed reminder for me...
“First, strive for practical, earnest, glad-hearted holiness in every area
of your life. One of the reasons is that you can’t be something in the pulpit
that you aren’t during the week - at least not for long. You can’t be blood
earnest in the pulpit and habitually flippant at the deacon’s meeting and the
church dinner. Nor can you display the glory of God in the gladness of your
preaching if you are surly and dismal and unfriendly during the week. Don’t
strive to be a kind of preacher. Strive to be a kind of person!”
HT: Colin Adams/Unashamed Workman


Anonymous said...

This is a much needed work of counsel for me to hear. Thank you!

geoffrey kirkland said...

Me too!

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