Monday, September 24, 2007

John Piper's son, Abraham and his wife Molly, were planning to deliver their second child on Sunday, Sept 23 (yesterday) when they found out on Saturday, Sept 22 that there was no heartbeat. Ultrasound confirmed it. The baby was dead.

Piper gives a brief blog about his thoughts and the events that transpired these past few days. Let's keep the family in prayer.


Anonymous said...

Geoff, Mom and I will be praying for the Pipers.

The blog by John Piper was very moving. It was a bit eery though as I read about the cord being tight around the baby's neck. When you were born, the cord was wrappped twice around your own neck and had slowed your heartbeat noticeably. You could very easily have been in such a predicament. To remember these things is difficult.

It's a humbling realization to know how incredibly fragile life is and yet to know that not one molecule in the universe is outside the loving, sovereign control of God.

You may want to read the post on FlockTalk about Preaching the Illimitable Riches of Christ.

Geoff, you will some day, and likely soon, be sitting next to a father and mother going through such an experience and you will be called upon to comfort them as their shepherd at such a moment. I know God will give you His grace.



geoffrey kirkland said...

Thanks for the thoughts dad. I don't remember ever hearing about the cord being around my own neck at birth. Praise the Lord for sparing my life!

Yes, much grace I do need. Thanks for the post. I'll check out FlockTalk.

Much love

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