Wednesday, September 5, 2007

This semester my seminary schedule does not require me to do loads and loads of writing. Therefore, I'm making it my goal to spend quite a bit of time writing on my own. One of the goals I have on this "writing kick" is to spend 30 minutes every Friday to write an essay on a topic that I'm interested in. My goal in doing this is to learn to write better.

The Lord has so graciously given us the opportunity to write. May we use the skill of writing to the glory of God as we write articles, essays, letters and books to His ultimate glory. Writing is a means by which we can bring the message of redemption to a world that is lost and in such a desparate state of death. May we be men who are writers -- all to God's glory.

I find that there is no better way to become a better writer than simply to write. So, that's my challenge to all of us. Write! Proofread. Correct. Then write some more!
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