Monday, August 27, 2007

According to Mike Gilbart-Smith yes! He posts a great blog here. I would like for us to read it and comment together. It is relating paedobaptism and credobaptism and he argues that those who adhere to these views have different concepts of what the church really is.

He notes that for a paedobaptist: A church is a community that includes believers and their children.

Then he notes that for a credobaptist: The church is a covenanted community of believers.


your wifey ;-) said...

That is really cool stuff... I never really thought of it that way before, but I guess there ARE fundamental differences between paedobaptists & credobaptists.

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

No dude, shoot me with the hose.

Les said...

Geoff, below is what I posted at the site you referenced. Great discussion.


Great discussion! I am a PCA ruling elder (and former TE) and...former Southern Baptist pastor. I have been on both sides of this equation.
Of course I believe that children of believers should be baptized, as well as new converts who have never been baptized. By the way, I have been immersed (twice) and my 5 children have been sprinkled upon.

I applaud Piper for daring to approach the subject. If my grown children ended up in MN at his church, I would hope that someone would not say to them, "Well, you have not been baptized!" You have to do it our way.

The real issue here is that my Baptist friends (and family members) believe that they have the corner on the market of interpreting what constitutes a baptism. Several times in the post and in the responses it is stated matter of factly that a paedobaptist is "un-baptized." That assumes that the Baptism definition is the correct one and the only valid interpretation. Asserting one's interpretation does not make it so. That would be like me saying, "Post-mil" is the way it is and anyone who does not believe in that view is in sin.
May that kind of reasoning be left behind (no pun intended).

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