Tuesday, June 16, 2015

This is part 4 of the ongoing blog-series on the New Birth.
The GLORY of the New Birth
Geoffrey R. Kirkland
Christ Fellowship Bible Church

The monergistic working of God in accomplishing the new birth points to the unspeakable glory, the unfathomable grace, and the unrivaled character of God. Nothing in all the universe can compare with the mighty mercy of God in causing spiritually decaying and filthy corpses to rise to new spiritual life by the sovereign breath of the Spirit. Let him who boasts boast in the Lord. None can glory except in what God has done through Christ by means of the Spirit of life.

1) This glory of the new birth points to the SOURCE of the new birth. All glory goes to God alone. That which is born of the Spirit is spirit. The true nature of the new birth comes from God -- and it can only come from God. Flesh gives birth to flesh. But it is the Spirit that gives birth to spirit. What can revive spiritually dead souls? None but the Spirit Himself. Thus, the source of the new birth -- the Spirit of God -- highlights the glory of this supernatural process.

2) This glory of the new birth points to the GOAL of the new birth. All glory is directed ultimately to God through the entire process of the new birth. Regeneration does not end with new life. New life continues through the person’s life and takes them to eternity. That is, the very moment that the Spirit imparts spiritual life, the newly converted sinner enjoys the blessings of eternal life throughout the entirety of his life as he battles for holiness and till he awaits the beatific vision in glory. All of this points to the ultimate goal: Christlikeness in the Christian that brings about glory to God!

3) This glory of the new birth points to the RESULTS of the new birth. Regeneration changes a man not only inwardly in his soul but outwardly as he now is supernaturally enabled and miraculously willing to obey God. Before regeneration, the natural man cannot obey God, nor does he want to. But when God has worked, the result of new life brings about growth, like that of a tree. Over the course of time, it grows, it strengthens, it bears much fruit, it’s healthy and flourishing.

4) This glory of the new birth points to the UNIQUENESS of the new birth. No other creature in all the vast universe can bring about this new birth. Nothing in all the world can be likened to this instantaneous, God-worked, miraculous process. Only God can grant life. Only God can raise the dead. Only the Spirit of life can breathe the breath of salvation into rotten and abominable transgressors to make them beautiful and cherished possessions of the Master!

5) This glory of the new birth points to the GRACE of the new birth. The new birth comes to the sinner by the uninfluenced grace of God. None raise their hand and initiate this process. Corpses can’t move. This glorious working exclaims the matchless and mighty grace of the God.

6) This glory of the new birth points to the PRAISE for the new birth. It is only those who are born again who see the kingdom of God. And it’s in that kingdom where endless praise happens! Unrelenting, unmitigated, untiring worship occurs there! Let regeneration prompt praise to God.


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