Friday, July 6, 2012

Here is an excellent excerpt from George Whitefield's sermon titled: The Holy Spirit Convicting the World of Sin, Righteousness, & Judgment. It is noted in John Carrick's book, The Imperative of Preaching.

Whitefield proclaimed:

Be humble therefore, O believers be humble. Look at the rock from whence you have been hewn. Extol free grace; admire electing love, which alone has made you to differ from the rest of your brethren. Has God brought you into light? Walk as becometh the children of light. Provoke not the Holy Spirit to depart from you: for though he hath sealed you to the day of redemption, and you know that the prince of this world is judged; yet if you backslide, grow lukewarm, or forget your first love, the Lord will visit your offences with the rod of affliction, and your sin with spiritual scourges. Be not therefore high-minded, but fear. Rejoice, but let it be with trembling.

As the elect of God, put on, not only humbleness of mind, but bowels of compassion; and pray, O pray for your unconverted brethren! Help me, help me now, O children of God, and hold up my hands, as Aaron and Hur once held up the hands of Moses. Pray whilst I am preaching, that the Lord may enable me to say, This day is the promise in the text fulfilled in some poor sinners' hearts. Cry mightily to God, and, with the cords of a holy violence, pull down blessings on your neighbours' heads.

Note the following elements in his preaching.

1) The use of the imperative! He commanded his followers to act.
2) The use of biblical illustrations. Nearly every line alludes to some portion of Scripture.
3) The use of word pictures. Such images as the "rod of affliction" or "spiritual scourges" and "bowels of compassion" paint vivid pictures in our minds.

Preach like this, my brothers!   More at The Preacher's Fellowship at CFBC on Saturday, July 7th.


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