Saturday, June 25, 2011

We came to Palm Springs, CA for the RESOLVED conference yesterday. Thirteen of us arrived at our hotel yesterday with plenty of time to check-in, then travel to the conference center for registration and then a quick dinner before session #1. When we arrived at the hotel in Palm Springs we found out that we had one king-bed hotel room reserved for the weekend which would have been a bit tight for thirteen people. The hotel was sold out as well as a sister hotel was sold out.

I prayed. Then I called a buddy to see if they had any extra room and they said no. Then the lady at the hotel here said there was another hotel down the road for $200 per night but that would be about $700 with tax for the weekend.

I began to search to see if I could find anything cheaper for half of the group and I came across a hotel just five minutes away for a room for $100. I called them and explained the situation and told them our situation and asked if they could do anything to help. They kindly said they would give us a deal for the three nights at $90 each night.

Then I texted some guys and asked to pray as I was going to speak with the manager of the original hotel and talk finances and see if they would pay for the additional expenses. She said that they felt sorry and that they would give us the original hotel for $50/night. That was over 1/3 of the price off!

In sum, paying for the original hotel at $50 per night and then the additional hotel for $90 per night comes to a total that balances everything out to what we originally planned to pay. God is good.

We all prayed together and thanked God for providing for us and changing our plans. Obviously, God wanted this to happen … and for that we are grateful.


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