Friday, April 24, 2009

Preach the Word!

One of the greatest calls of God given to man is the responsibility to preach His divine message to lost souls. That all men are sinners, doomed for God’s terrifying and eternal wrath is the fundamental truth and underlying predicament revealed in the Scriptures—both Old and New Testaments. What is so common, unfortunately, in today’s churches is for the Bible to be set aside and replaced by dramas, pithy pep-talks, seeker-sensitive dialogues which may give a few truths here and there intermixed with many untruths.

God’s Word clearly reveals that it is through the word of Christ that one believes and is saved (Rom 10:17). Therefore, how ought we as preachers to seek to save one’s soul if we set aside the only means that can accomplish that very reality? Of course, the preacher cannot save the soul of anyone. But it is God speaking through the preacher who speaks His words boldly with clear application so the listeners know that “a prophet has been in their midst” (Ezek 33:33).

How utterly foolish it is for pastors and preachers who have been entrusted by God to shepherd, feed, and protect their flock to set aside the living, active, and sharp sword of God’s Word. It is the Word which gives life. It is the Word which convicts. It is the Word which reproves. It is the Word which reveals and offers salvation. It is The Word of Life that can forgive one’s sins and reconcile a radically wretched sinner with a wholly worthy God. Preacher—hear the plea, never forsake the Word of God. Preach it! And then preach it more! And then preach it over and over again. Preach it cover to cover. Preach it thoroughly. Preach it provocatively. Preach it authoritatively. Preach it applicationally. Preach it as if you were the mouthpiece for God declaring not your own words but His words—because YOU ARE! Therefore, preacher, PREACH THE WORD.


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