Thursday, October 2, 2008

I never knew this but here is a typical order of service at the Metropolitan Tabernacle:
  • Silent Meditation
  • Pastoral prayer
  • Hymn
  • Bible reading with comments
  • Long (pastoral) prayer
  • Hymn
  • Sermon
  • Benediction

Simpler than we find in many churches today! There is more prayer and Scripture reading in that service than many of our churches today. What a great example for us to emulate.

Source: Drummond, Spurgeon: Prince of Preachers (Grand Rapids: Kregel, 1992).


Dad said...

Thanks Geoff!

Although I really enjoy hymns, I fear that in many services hymns dominate the service with special music, choruses, multiple songs etc displacing prayer and exposition.

I personally would like to see more emphasis on the pastoral prayer and careful exposition.

Well done, son.

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