Sunday, March 30, 2008

Today I had a great opportunity -- to preach at church. I found great joy in studying Acts 1 all week and unveiling some of its truth to God's people this morning.

As I studied I was confronted with the glories of Christ, the ascension of Christ and the guarantee of his return, the absolute necessity of bearing witness of Christ not only globally but also locally in every life situation that we may find ourselves in, and finally, the need to be absolutely committed to Christ.

In a nutshell, here was my outline of Acts chapter 1. I wanted to reveal three essential characteristics of an on-fire Christian:

1. We must be witnesses for Christ (1-8)
2. We must be watching for Christ (9-11)
3. We must be committed to Christ (12-26)

I trust God and know that He used His Word to accomplish His sovereign will. He sure did His work (still in progress) in my life this past week in my study.


Anonymous said...

I wish we could have been sitting in your church listening to you open the Word!

Praise God for His Word and for His grace toward us.


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