Tuesday, January 29, 2008

An excellent quote from Don Carson:

“There is nothing that our generation needs more than to hear the Word of God - and this at a time of biblical illiteracy rising at an astonishing rate. Moreover, it needs to hear Christian leaders personally submitting to Scripture, personally reading and teaching Scripture - not in veiled ways that merely assume some sort of heritage of Christian teaching while actually focusing on just about anything else, but in ways that are reverent, exemplary, comprehensive, insistent, persistent. Nothing else, nothing at all, is more urgent.”


Dad said...

Amen, son.

Looks like we were on the same wavelength today (hopefully everyday!). Look over at FlockTalk :)

Thanks for being faithful to the Word.



geoffrey kirkland said...

I think Carson hits the nail right on the head. As he concludes, "Nonthing else, nothing at all, is more URGENT!"

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