Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I read in Jay Adams' work, Critical Stages of Biblical Counseling, and he gave four very insightful helps in ministering the Word of God to people effectively. I'd like to post it here for your perusal.

1) Carefully select the Word

How often this is neglected when we minister and counsel people. Oftentimes, we have the same few verses that we go to for many situations. Let us never forget that Scripture is sufficient for "all of life and godliness" (2 Pet 1:3-4). Furthermore, this may result from a lack of knowledge of the Word of God on our part. May it be that we as preachers and biblical counselors would delve deep and headlong into the marvelous riches of God's holy and sufficient Word - so that we truly may be competent to counsel.

2) Accurately Interpret the Word

Oh how this is lacking today. We need men in the pulpits to preach and teach God's truth from God's Word in a way that is clear and accurately interpreted implementing the historical-grammatical hermeneutical skills. We need to make plain and clear what God says to our people. This must not only be done from the pulpit but also in the counseling room. We must interpret God's Word accurately as we reveal God's truth to people.
3) Rigorously Apply the Word

Again, how sad it is that this application is so often neglected from bible study. Both from the pulpit and in the counseling room must we as teachers rigorously apply God's Word to people's lives. That means, plain and simple, that we not only tell them what it says but we tell them how it applies to their lives. We must not forget this important and most crucial step in our counseling. Even from the pulpits, let us never finish preaching without giving our hearers clear commands and exhortations to change from God's Word. Scripture is to conform us to Christlikeness (Eph 5:1; Phil 1:27).

4) Effectively Implement the Word

This takes step three, application, one step further. This not only tells them the "what to's" of the passage, but here the teachers tells the people the "how to implement this" into their day to day lives. We must show our hearers how to apply the truths to their lives and how to change and how to trust and depent on the Holy Spirit for divine power and enablement in fulfilling this absolutely crucial step in applying the Word of God. It does no good to consciously know that I must love my wife without changing. This step takes the concept of knowing that I must love my wife to practical ways in which I can actually fulfill this in day to day life.

May we be those who are faithful in ministering God's Word to people -- not only from the pulpit, but also in the counseling room and, yea verily, in our daily lives.


your wifey ;-) said...

Amen, Honey! You are absolutely right. Those four steps are so crucial, but oftentimes completely lacking (to my shame, even in my own biblical counseling approach sometimes). Thank you for the convicting reminder that we are each to be actively pursuing and implementing each one of those steps in our private lives (personal), which will spill over into our public (corporate) lives as well.

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