Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Today, one of the top AOL news stories had this heading and, of course, it grabbed my attention, Man says he found fried mouse in chips. I had never anticipated these two items going together, but I guess this is not an impossibility! So I read this article about a Jack Hines, a 66-year old man from Havre, Montana, who said:
"I was snacking on the chips Tuesday when I pulled out the crispy rodent."
Now don't let this ruin your appetite, but he continues...

"Good thing I seen it. I got it all the way up to my mouth," he said. "I felt the fur, I brought it back down and just looked at it and threw it behind my back."
Believe it or not, Frito-Lay is sending a representative to retrieve the bag and the mouse this weekend. Both will be shipped to company headquarters in Plano, Texas, for an investigation. Call me crazy, but that just seems a little bit too much for me. Here is what I would do if I had a bag of potato chips and suddenly found a mouse in it. I would do it in these four steps (all in successive order):

1. Stop eating the chips
2. Throw the bag away
3. Never eat the chips again from that company
4. Forget about it!

Read the whole article here at AOL News.


STL MOM said...

And all I can say is, "BLEAH"! The only thing worse than seeing a live mouse in your house is seeing a deep fried one in your chips!

Sean said...

Many years ago my dad was holding up a bag to his mouth to get the last broken chips out and a rat tail slid right in. They were Granny Goose chips. Too bad he didn't "seen" it first.

Geoffrey R. Kirkland said...


Thanks for the post, bro. It was great to see you at TMC. Keep working hard and make the $$ for Westminster West! :=)

Much love,


your wifey ;-) said...

LOL... that is TOTALLY disgusting :-/

See, Honey, its a good thing that I don't $$$ chips... I am just protecting you from the "fried rat in bag" experience :)

Geoffrey R. Kirkland said...

Actually... while you were out of town this week...I had a bag of chips! ;=)

Ooops... who said that?


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