Thursday, June 7, 2007

Here is a quote from Gire's book, Instructive Moments with the Saviour, which deals with some of the eternal aspects of death.

“Death. It is the most misunderstood part of life. It is not a great sleep but a great awakening. It is that moment when we awake, rub our eyes, and see things at last the way God has seen them all along” (Ken Gire, Instructive Moments with the Saviour, 75).

This is a sobering truth to think about. What is even more sobering is that so many will close their eyes in death immediately then to realize that their eyes are open to a Christless and Godless eternity.

Yet, for those who accept the free gift of redemption that Jesus Christ has bought us and payed the unpayable debt for our sins there is the biblical hope of eternal life. Remember, biblical hope is not some "mere wishful thinking towards the future," rather, biblical hope is being sure of that which is to come in the future; namely, our glorification.


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