Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Great words from David Bostwick as he addresses ministers of the gospel...

"O! Why do not these important realities swallow up our whole attention? Why do not we make more haste in plucking sinners as brands from everlasting burning? Why do not we pray more fervently, and preach more zealously, and lay out our whole life, and soul, and strength in this great work? What! is the interest and happiness of deathless immortal souls worth no more pains? Can we do no more for the honour and interest of our glorious Master than this comes too? -- Shall the men of this world be more painful and industrious in seeking themselves, than we in seeking the glory of Christ, and the salvation of souls?  God forbid!   We are on matters of life and death, we pray, and preach, and labour for eternity; sure it becomes us then to do it with all our might. Shall we not be solemn and serious, when so near that state and place where all are serious?  Believe it, Sirs, there is no trifling in the eternal world, there are none in jest either in heaven or hell.  God forbid, then, that we should jest and trifle with immortal souls, that are just at the door and upon the borders of an eternal state!

In: The Christian Pastor's Manual: A Selection of Tracts on the Duties, Difficulties, and Encouragements of the Christian Ministry, ed. by John Brown, 366-67.


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