Sunday, October 14, 2012

This post will offer some ideas as to how you as the families of CFBC can continue to reinforce biblical truths into the minds and the hearts of your young people at home.

CFBC is committed to teaching the children of CFBC during the Family Bible Hour (4:00PM) but CFBC affirms that the primary teachers are the parents (both the father and the mother) and the primary teaching environment is the home (throughout the week).

A great way to teach and instruct your children in solid theology with practical application is to utilize the catechism — a question & answer teaching format (that is very easy to memorize!).

Here are some ideas as to how you could implement this...
1. Download & print the CFBC Catechism HERE.

2. Take a few questions & go through them as a family (and with your children) regularly at home throughout the week (dinner, before bed, at the breakfast table, etc.)

3. Ask the family members (both adults & children) if there are questions & discuss those questions together & search the Scriptures (with the Scripture references provided in the catechism) for the answers.

4. THEN, at CFBC, the children will hear teaching & expositions through the CFBC catechism during the 4:00PM Family Bible Hour.

5. On the way home from Church (or the following day), parents can ask the children what they learned during the Catechism class at CFBC. In other words: what was the exposition about? What application points were brought out? How can the children apply those catechism points to his/her life specifically?

6. Pray daily for God to take His Truth and plant it in the hearts and minds of the young people. Pray that God would regenerate our young people through the power of His Word as it is being taught at home and in the local Church. Pray! Pray! Pray!

We pray that this would be such a beneficial time for our families to be the primary instructors of the children. Then, as CFBC comes alongside of you, it will serve to reinforce what you're already doing throughout the week.

May God be glorified.
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