Thursday, February 10, 2011

Alter Conversations toward the Gospel and toward the glory of God.

If I truly believe that God is glorified in and through all things, and if I truly believe that the gospel is the greatest news that I can present to someone, then why don’t I look for ways to bring the gospel into every conversation?

God has worked in my heart recently and convicted me that I so infrequently—and ashamedly!—bring the gospel and the glory of God into everyday conversations. I spend about an hour and a half each day with many lost people in LA and yet rarely do I engage in gospel-centered conversations with them.

God has called me to be a minister of the gospel. This does not merely happen in sermon preparation. This does not only happen when I proclaim the Scriptures throughout the week. This is to be an all-pervasive and ever-present element of my Christian walk. Every single Christian has no excuse for not sharing the gospel. In America, we have a myriad of opportunities to proclaim the gospel with a myriad of people every day. Just turn to the right and to the left outside—especially in LA! They’re everywhere. People must hear the gospel and believe the gospel to be saved.

My desire is to be more intentional in proclaiming the gospel to lost people in my city as well as veering regular day to day conversations that I have back to the glorious cross of Christ.

With God’s help, I will do this for the glory of His name, for the salvation of souls, and for the encouragement of my soul.


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