Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just got home from the 2010 RESOLVED conference. I feel overwhelmed and overly-full from God's Word being faithfully and boldly proclaimed over the course of 3+ days of Bible teaching. It's conferences like this that I wonder to myself: I have so much to take in and apply to my life I need to take a week off from the daily grind and process everything. But that's not possible. So what I've decided to do is take ONE principle from each sermon and endeavor to apply it to my life. Conferences are great, but they're not the norm. Conference speakers can function (non-intentionally) as 'stars' but they are not your weekly pastor/shepherd. Worshipping with 3,500 other 25-30-somethings is awesome and heaven-like but it's not the norm.

We must not be so used to the high level of conference music and teaching that we hold everything to the standard of RESOLVED. Don't compare your music group at home to ENFIELD. Don't compare your shepherd and faithful Bible teacher to MacArthur, Mohler, Lawson, Holland, or Mahaney. This is a special gift that God (graciously!) gives to believers once in a while to enjoy for spiritual rejuvenation. But let your spiritual affections and heart-warming love be toward your shepherd in your own local church in which you faithfully serve.

Praise the LORD for a conference that so faithfully proclaimed the good message of salvation alone in Jesus Christ through various means--conversation, music, preaching, application, fellowship, and prayer. God is good. Soli Deo Gloria.


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