Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In Psalm 62:7 David writes:

עַל־אֱ֭לֹהִים יִשְׁעִ֣י וּכְבֹודִ֑י צוּר־עֻזִּ֥י מַ֝חְסִ֗י בֵּֽאלֹהִֽים׃

Translation: In God is my salvation and my glory; the Rock of my strength and my Refuge is in God.

The original contains an inclusio that some English translations omit—אֱ֭לֹהִים...אֱ֭לֹהִים (God...God). David declares in this psalm that God is his salvation (deliverance) and his glory (worth, sufficiency). Everything that we have or hope to be is to be found in God and God alone. He is the Rock of our strength and our impregnable fortress. He is strong. He is mighty. He is towering. He is powerful.

And the rhetorical device encompassing this verse together is the repetition of "God" (אֱ֭לֹהִים). Thus, David's recognition of his salvation, glory, and protection is rightly grounded in the all-sufficient nature of God and God alone.


Anonymous said...

My faithful NASB translation seems to have handled this verse well! I rarely get disappointed by the NASB. But knowing the original languages like you do is such a blessing!

Excellent work son!

Love, Dad

Fritz Lang said...

I did not follow the significance, sorry.

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