Saturday, January 30, 2010

I’m preaching tonight on Revelation 19:11–21 on the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to earth. He came 2,000 years ago as a baby but in the near-future He’s coming back, not as a baby, but as a Sovereign and vengeful Judge.

It is at this Second Coming when, as John says in Revelation 19, that the beast (=the Antichrist) and the false prophet (=the side-kick of the Antichrist who performs many miracles and deceives many into believing the cunning lies of the Satanic Antichrist) will be thrown alive into the Lake of Fire. How fitting it is for these two human beings to be the first to populate the eternal Lake of Fire.

At the present, when humans die who have not received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior die, they are immediately cast into Hell (=Hades)—a place of torment, but NOT the Lake of Fire (this is, the Second death according to Rev 20:11–15).

Note how one commentator speaks of this casting of the Antichrist and the false prophet into the eternal Lake of Fire:

“Two men, be it noted, are taken alive. They are the two arch-conspirators who have bulked so largely in this book (=Revelation)—The beast and the false prophet, the civil and religious leaders of the last league of nations, which will be Satan-inspired in its origin and Satan-directed until its doom. THese two men are ‘cast alive into the lake burning with fire and brimstone,’ where a thousand years later they are still said to be ‘suffering the vengeance of eternal fire,’ thus incidentally proving that the lake of fire is NOT annihilation, and that it is not purgatorial either, for it neither annihilates nor purifies these two fallen foe of God and man after a thousand years under judgment” (quoted in Walvoord, Revelation of Jesus Christ, 280).


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